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Our chapter in the Greater New Jersey Area believes that access to healthcare is a right for all. We focus on education and supply collection to improve our chapter and make a difference within the Blueprints community

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Executive Board


Chapter President

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Siddhant Kumarapuram Ganapath

Chapter President

I joined Blueprints after realizing the importance of medical supply access after working on the front lines as a COVID-19 test site volunteer. Now, I hope to make a difference by working towards global health equity.

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Allen Li

Head of Finance

I joined Blueprints for Pangaea after learning about how large the problem of medical supply scarcity was through the Blueprints website. I hope to do my part in alleviating this crisis by working hard as a member of Blueprints for Pangaea.

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Brandon Ying

Head of Operations

I joined b4p hoping to be able to help as many people as possible during the pandemic. By working to build supply chains between hospitals and those in need, I believe that we can do our part in eliminating medical supply scarcity in a time where it is so critical.

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Jimmy Yu

Head of Marketing

I joined b4p in the hopes that we take steps forward in maximizing global health equipment equity. Especially during these times, it became apparent that there are inefficiencies in this field. In undertaking these tasks, I hope that we are able to alleviate this systemic stress and create an environment where medical supplies are not scarce.

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If you are interested in joining our organization, please contact us at

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