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The Team

Director, Founder

Ben Rathi is the founder and chairman of Blueprints For Pangaea. As an undergraduate student at Michigan, he studied computer science, business, and biochemistry. After graduating, Ben was a consultant at McKinsey & Company for two years, where he advised technology, healthcare, and investment firms on a broad range of business strategy issues. He is passionate about reducing inefficiencies, expanding access to healthcare, and student entrepreneurship and volunteerism.


James holds a degree in Biology from the University of Michigan, where he developed his passion in healthcare, finance, and entrepreneurship. He is currently a consultant where he performs both functional consultation and technical development roles. After consulting, James hopes to positively impact the healthcare industry in the United States.


Prasanth Kotha holds a BBA from the University of Michigan. Through this education, he developed an interest in the intersection between business and healthcare. He aspires to attend medical school so that he can gain the knowledge to participate in medical research and become a practicing physician. In the future, he hopes to leverage his experiences and knowledge to help shape the evolving healthcare system.

Chief Executive Officer

Anurag Bolneni is a senior at the University of Michigan, where he is pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration and Biomolecular Science. After graduating, he hopes to learn about improving healthcare delivery on a macro-scale by pursuing a M.B.A./M.P.H. Anurag aspires to work at the intersection of healthcare and business, optimizing efficiency within healthcare, implementing technology that revolutionizes value-based care, alleviating healthcare inequities in underprivileged regions.

Chief Development Officer

Raghu Arghal is a first year Master’s student at the University of Michigan studying electrical engineering. His interests include philosophy, mathematics, entrepreneurship, STEM education, political outreach, and interdisciplinary applications of engineering. Raghu hopes to have a technical career while also working to make systemic science policy changes to enable future innovation.

Chief Financial Officer

Karthik Nagappan is a junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a dual-degree in Business Administration and Biomolecular Science with Honors. He hopes to further understand how we can navigate the intersections between medicine, policy, and the private/nonprofit sectors to cultivate sustainable improvements on health outcomes. Karthik would like to devote his career to alleviating healthcare inequities as a practicing physician, with prominent roles in policy or management.

Chief Operations Officer

Soha Vaziri is a junior at the University of Michigan, where she is pursuing a degree in Community and Global Public Health and minor in Economics. Her interests center around the interplay between creating innovative and evidence based models to promote health equity in all communities. In the future, Soha aspires to work within the public policy and entrepreneurial sector of healthcare.

Chief of Staff

Elliane is a senior at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in Global and Community Public Health. She is interested in Social Epidemiology and how cultural context influences the way in which people interact with the health-care system. She is intending to pursue a medical degree in order to become a general practitioner for underserved populations and work towards establishing a shift in medical power back towards the patients.

Vice President of Finance

Sohil Jain is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, majoring in Economics and the Mathematics of Finance and Risk Management. Sohil is passionate about using financial applications to incite positive social change. Upon graduation, he plans on pursuing an MBA in Finance and a career in Investment Banking.

Senior Analyst

Chris Chen is a junior at the University of Michigan, double majoring in Computer Science and Honors Mathematics. He is an aspiring entrepreneurial computer scientist interested in Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. He also enjoys Mathematics and Philosophy as he embraces abstraction, logic and rigorous reasoning. Chris joined B4P with the goal of redefining healthcare resource allocation worldwide to create a better place.

Expansion Manager

Naquia is a sophomore at the University of Michigan who plans on studying Public Health with a minor in Spanish. Her interests include art, public health research, and refugee and immigrant advocacy. After graduation, she hopes to pursue an MD/MPH and promote health equity in the global community, specifically in regard to disparities in women’s health.

Mihir Zaveri


Mihir Zaveri is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, pursuing a BBA as well as majoring in Economics. He is interested in discovering how to optimize the finances of organizations to help them better achieve their goals. Upon graduation, he plans on working for a few years before pursuing an MBA.


Jihan is a sophomore at the University of Michigan pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. She is especially interested in resolving the disparities in healthcare and advocating for underserved communities. She also enjoys art, medical research, and intercultural volunteering. In the future, Jihan aspires to further resolve disparities in third world countries, in regards to healthcare, education, and poverty.


Charanya Rengarajan is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, studying Neuroscience with a minor in Gender and Health. She is interested in gender disparities in the healthcare system and their intersections of social, racial, and political aspects. She hopes to eliminate these disparities as a practicing physician in the field of women’s health.


John Fitzpatrick is a freshman with intent to study Economics or Business Administration. He is interested in decreasing the inefficiencies and unused medical waste of the U.S. healthcare system, through practical and methodical courses of action. After graduation, he plans to leverage the experience and knowledge acquired at Blueprints to improve workplace practices.


Mayank is a first year medical student at the University of Michigan with a B.S. in physiology from Michigan State University. Mayank hopes to use evidence-based medicine to address health inequities and improve patient health outcomes in disadvantaged populations. Mayank plans to do clinical research while practicing medicine to further improve treatment efficacy for the patients he sees on a daily basis.


Maithelee Sathe is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, where she is pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience. She is interested in public health, medical technology, and community service, and she hopes to use her knowledge in these areas to increase access to quality healthcare. With her passion for working with children and helping others, she aspires to become a pediatric neurologist.


Grant is a freshman at the University of Michigan pursuing a bachelor’s in Cellular and Molecular Biomedical Science. He is interested in utilizing data analysis and innovative technology to improve population level health. In the future, he hopes to work closely with medical providers to increase the safety, efficiency, and equity of the healthcare system.

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