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Every year millions of individuals around the world unnecessarily suffer from treatable health conditions due to lack of access to basic medical supplies and equipment. Simultaneously, the US health care system annually disposes of hundreds of million pounds of unused, usable medical goods valued on the order of billions of dollars. Our mission is to reallocate unused medical supplies from areas of excess to areas in need. By collecting and shipping supplies abroad, we’re changing the fate of these precious medical resources and lives.


Blueprints For Pangaea (B4P) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit medical surplus recovery organization (MSRO) that provides sustainable solutions to inefficient health care resource distribution. B4P is a network of university chapters united in addressing global health care inequalities by reallocating excess, unused medical supplies—that would otherwise be discarded—from U.S. hospitals and suppliers to areas of need overseas. B4P then arranges transport of these supplies to foreign hospitals, enabling affordable, higher quality patient care overseas.  With fewer medical resources to process, our partner hospitals are able to cut expenses and reduce their environmental footprints while gaining community goodwill.

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The three core principles behind Blueprints For Pangaea's operations

The US medical system throws away millions of pounds of completely unused medical supplies each year, contributing to a massive inefficiency.

For every dollar we receive, there is a tremendous social impact. Each $1 we spend can ship up to $50 of medical supplies and make a difference in hundreds of lives.


We work with hospitals and medical suppliers in the US to redirect these supplies from landfills to hospitals and clinics in need.

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