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Blueprints For Pangaea is built upon two concepts:

Humanity and Sustainability
We embody these core values by redirecting life saving medical supplies away from landfills 
and into the hands of medical professionals making a difference where it is most needed around the world.



Blueprints For Pangaea chapter locations at colleges across the country partner with affiliated university medical centers to collect surplus medical supplies.

2. collect

These supplies are transported to one of our climate-controlled storage warehouses, where they are then stored until a sufficient quantity for shipment has been collected.

3. verify

Blueprints For Pangaea works with nonprofit partners to verify medical supply quality and integrity. Supplies are then sorted and prepared for shipment.

4. ship

Blueprints, independently, or via a non-profit partner, arranges for transport of the supplies. These shipments are then sent to communities in need all over the world. 

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