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Our chapter at Rice University believes that access to medical supplies is a human right. We focus on equity and sustainability to improve our chapter to make a difference within the Blueprints community.

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Executive Board

Cynthia Chen

Chapter President

I was really drawn to the Blueprints mission and the tangible action it took towards achieving it. I like how the work Blueprints does introduces you to many aspects of the healthcare system including operations/supply chain, sustainability, global health and equity in access to supplies.

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Fayiz Faruk

Vice President

I've been a part of Blueprints since my freshman year and I love that Blueprints gives me the unique opportunity to get directly involved in making a difference in underserved communities all around the world, and I hope to help B4P at Rice expand its operations to even more hospitals and distribute even more health supplies to these communities in the future

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Christopher Bi


I got involved with Blueprints because healthcare inequality is an issue I care a lot about. As a volunteer in high school in an underserved community, I personally witnessed the inequality in healthcare access on a smaller scale, and the severity of the problem became quickly apparent. Blueprints offers a logical and elegant solution: we can allocate areas of excess need to those, and this clear and important mission is what drove me.

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  •  $240,00+ dollars worth of medical supplies collected by Rice students

  • $400+ fundraised and awarded from grants

  • 2 partnering hospitals in the Texas Medical Center and 2 storage unit partnerships

  • On-campus promotion through merchandise giveaways, social media and panel events



  • Officer and Member Application: August

  • Officer interviews: September

  • Executive Team Application: March

  • Executive Team Interviews: April

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